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How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Asphalt Driveway: Maintenance Strategies That Work

Although asphalt is a popular driveway paving material well-known for its durability, it doesn't last forever. If you don't maintain your asphalt driveway, it's bound to deteriorate far earlier than it should, forcing you to make costly repairs or spend a fortune on re-pavement.

As Lehigh Valley's top asphalt paving company, we've put together these practical and effective maintenance tips to enable you to squeeze maximum years out of your asphalt driveway.

Clean it regularly

Regularly cleaning your asphalt driveway may seem too simple to be effective, but it does play a huge role in the longevity of your driveway. Leaves and other debris can trap water underneath, gradually eroding your pavement's surface.

Chemicals, such as oil and radiator coolant, can also weaken the pavement, leading to extensive issues over time. Regularly sweeping away debris and scrubbing at stains with a stiff brush prevents damage to your driveway. In addition, the clean surface enables you to spot issues quicker.

Carry out routine sealcoating

UV radiation, water, chemicals, temperature fluctuations, etc., can affect your asphalt driveway in no small way, leading to cracks, potholes, and more severe damage. Sealcoating adds a protective barrier to your asphalt driveway, shielding it from these harmful elements. Applying a sealant annually or every few years not only extends the life of your asphalt but also makes it look fresh and clean.

Patch cracks promptly

It's easy to ignore cracks as they seem harmless. But they are usually the first sign of trouble. These small fissures can quickly become larger ones that are more costly to repair.

If not fixed, water can get into the layer underneath, weakening the subgrade and affecting the integrity of your pavement. Fixing cracks immediately instead of waiting days, weeks, and months will prevent larger issues and make your driveway last as long as it should.

Prevent and fix drainage issues

The role of proper drainage in asphalt paving cannot be overemphasized. Inadequate drainage can cause several water problems, leading to the quick demise of your asphalt driveway. Involving an asphalt paving expert in your project right from the start can help prevent costly drainage issues down the road.

And if water is already pooling on your pavement, an asphalt contractor can install a suitable drainage system to prevent water damage and prolong the lifespan of your driveway.

Prohibit heavy vehicles from using your driveway

Heavy machinery and vehicles like garbage trucks, forklifts, delivery trucks, semi-trucks, etc., can exert more pressure than your driveway can handle, causing stress and impacting the integrity of the pavement.

The best way out is to prevent large vehicles and equipment from accessing and parking on the driveway. Also, be careful with snow plows and shovels, as they can gouge the asphalt surface if not used carefully.

Invest in a maintenance plan today and get the most out of your asphalt driveway

As the leading asphalt paving company in and around the Lehigh Valley, we can draw up a maintenance plan that suits the uniqueness of your property and driveway. We'll maintain, fix issues, and take care of all the work so you can get the most out of your asphalt driveway. Request an estimate today.


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