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The Role of Proper Drainage in Asphalt Paving: Avoiding Water Damage

The durability of asphalt is never in doubt, but it is not immune from the damaging effects of water. One important detail you cannot afford to forget to guarantee the longevity of your asphalt pavement is proper drainage.

This post explores the crucial role of proper drainage in asphalt paving and how it can prevent water damage to your pavement.

Prevents surface damage

Without inadequate drainage, water is bound to pool on the surface. But standing water isn't just an eyesore; it can lead to issues like erosion. As the surface of your pavement gradually erodes, the aggregate materials dislodge, causing raveling.

Cracks also form and potholes develop, severely degrading your pavement's aesthetics and impacting its functionality. Proper drainage prevents these damages by channeling water away from the surface.

Prevents foundation issues

Water penetrates the asphalt surface through the cracks and gaps into the pavement foundation. This causes the base and subgrade to weaken, massively affecting the pavement's stability.

Eventually, the asphalt surface shifts, sinks, and becomes uneven, leading to safety hazards. An adequate drainage system prevents water entry into the foundation, preserving your pavement's structural integrity.

Avoids freeze-thaw damage

In winter, water that gets into the cracks and holes in your pavement freezes and expands. The expansion causes the cracks to widen, further worsening the damage. Ice also forms below the asphalt surface, pushing up and damaging the asphalt.

Also, when standing water freezes, it becomes heavy and exerts pressure on the pavement, which may lead to cracks. With proper drainage solutions, you can avoid freeze-thaw damage to your asphalt pavement.

Prevents subsurface degradation

Proper surface drainage will prevent the accumulation of water on the surface. Even if moisture somehow gets below the surface, adequate subsurface drainage ensures water keeps moving. Otherwise, water will saturate the subgrade and massively affect the stability of the structure.

Get reliable asphalt drainage solutions for your pavements in the Lehigh Valley

Whether you need proper drainage for your failed pavement or a new installation, do not hesitate to get a FREE estimate. With our drainage solutions, you can prevent water damage and ensure your driveway, parking lot, and other pavements remain durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.


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