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Golf Path, Tennis Court, & Basketball Court Paving Service


Keeping Your Parks and Recreation in Lehigh Valley, PA

Reliable Park & Recreation Services

When your golf course, tennis course, or community park needs paving services, you can trust our team to get the job done right. Hicks Paving, Inc. proudly serves our community in Lehigh Valley and the surrounding areas since 1950. Our dedicated team is passionate about helping our clients and our community with quality parks and recreation areas. We use modern tools, equipment, and high-quality materials for all paving projects for your parks and recreation to provide the highest level of excellence and safety to your community. Don't hesitate to give our team a call at (610) 837-6909 if you have any questions or to book your appointment.

Paving Your Parks, Courts, and Courses

At Hicks Paving, Inc., we offer top-notch and smooth paving services for a variety of parks, courts, and courses in our community. Large or small, you can depend on our paving company to restore your community park and recreation areas. We offer various services that include:

  • Golf Paths

  • Walking Paths

  • Tennis Courts

  • Basketball Courts

  • Snow Removal

Walkway Paving


There are many reasons why you should pick Hicks Paving, Inc. to do your paving project, and that includes: 

  • You always get the results you want.

  • No size of project is large or too small.

  • Our paving services are affordable. 

  • We collaborate with you. 

  • We have a reliable and trusted reputation. 

To book your appointment or get a quote, call us today at (610) 837-6909.

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