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Why Spring Is a Great Time To Do Your Asphalt Driveway

Spring is here again - a time to clean the home and take care of the exterior. One of the most important exterior upkeep is putting your asphalt driveway in top condition. With the weather warming up again, there’s no better time than now to give your asphalt driveway the care it deserves. Here are reasons why spring is a great time to do your asphalt driveway:

The ideal temperature for asphalt

Spring weather is mild - neither too cold nor too hot - making it ideal for paving asphalt. In the chilly weather of winter, the material can quickly harden, making it difficult to work with. In the summer, it can also be uncomfortable to work for hours in the blistering heat. Moreover, if the weather is too hot, asphalt may not cure properly, leading to damage.

Reverse winter damage

The harsh winter weather often takes its toll on driveways, causing issues such as potholes and cracks. To prevent the damage from becoming worse and more expensive to fix, it’s best to repair or replace your driveway after winter, which is spring.

Prepare for summer

Most asphalt driveway repair and installation contractors are busy in the summer, which means you may have to wait longer. The high demand also translates to potentially higher charges. Doing your asphalt driveway work in spring ensures your driveway is ready for use in summer and helps you avoid the rush and higher fee that comes with the season.

Enhance curb appeal

Postponing fixing your asphalt driveway in spring means it will be riddled with cracks and potholes, an unsightly mess that will give customers a bad impression of your business. Your damaged driveway will also be a huge turnoff to visitors to your home.

Beyond the negative impression, a bad driveway can damage vehicles and cause injuries, which you may be found liable for. On the other hand, repairing or installing your driveway gives your business a professional look and makes your home stand out in your neighborhood throughout spring and into summer.

Take advantage of the favorable spring weather to enhance your driveway today

Now that you know why spring is the perfect time to do your asphalt driveway, the next step is to get a quote. With our expertise, experience, and the use of quality materials, combined with favorable spring conditions, you can rest assured of a durable and polished driveway.


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