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Why Potholes and Other Asphalt Problems Occur

Potholes are one of the most annoying things you can encounter on the road. They not only slow your trips down but can also damage your car. 

But have you ever stopped to wonder why they appear? Let’s ride into the fascinating (and slightly frustrating) world of potholes. 

Understanding potholes: the persistent challenge on roads

Potholes refer to those frustrating depressions on streets, highways, or pathways. These troublesome craters emerge due to many factors, including weather changes, heavy traffic, or poor road maintenance practices. 

They disrupt smooth travel and pose a risk to vehicles and pedestrians, making navigation challenging on our daily commutes.

Root causes of potholes

Often, these troublesome potholes emerge due to water infiltrating the asphalt, weakening it gradually. 

As this compromised asphalt encounters fluctuations in temperature and endures the continuous pressure from passing vehicles, it slowly deteriorates, forming potholes. They are often prevalent in winter due to the constant freezing and expansion of water, accelerating the damage. 

The culprits behind asphalt problems

Beyond just potholes, a range of asphalt issues arise due to various factors. Problems crop up from things like subpar construction methods, intense rainfall causing damage, the repeated freezing and thawing of surfaces, and the ongoing wear-and-tear from constant traffic. 

These combined factors contribute to the overall deterioration of our roads, making maintenance an ongoing challenge.

Consequences of potholes

Potholes go far beyond being a simple inconvenience; they pose many dangers to road users. 

These treacherous road craters are usually the culprits behind tire blowouts, wheel misalignments, and substantial vehicle damage, frequently leading to terrible accidents and costly repairs. They present severe risk to road users, potentially resulting in injuries or accidents.

Swiftly tackling these road hazards is essential to proactively preventing these risks, thus guaranteeing smoother, safer travels for all individuals navigating these roadways and reducing the potential safety hazards and financial stress they pose.

Let the trusted asphalt paving company repair your potholes 

Potholes can seem like minor issues at first, but they can quickly expand and cause damage to vehicles and even injuries and accidents. 

To ensure smoother travels and safer journeys for all, it's crucial to tackle these asphalt problems head-on. For potholes repair in and around the Lehigh Valley, contact us today. 


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